Azon Video Maker Review – Make Amazon Product Videos

Amazon is the largest Ecommerce  platform in the world.

Millions of marketers use Amazon affiliate program as  source of income.

With out having to sell your own product and the power and trust of Amazon products behind you, it makes for a good deal.

Many people just stick with Google to drive traffic to their offers, but forget to use the equal and powerful little brother of Google, Youtube!

I found the perfect software that lets you use the power of video and Youtube to drive affiliate sales.

Introducing Azon Video Maker!

This super new, out the box, 1-click software can turns any Amazon product into a video!  How cool is that??

Let’s see how



1. 1-CLICK turns products to videos..

1-Click and upload it to Youtube automatically.

2. Built in Amazon Search

Search right from dashboard  from Price Range, Country, Categories and Best Sellers or Top Sellers

3. Pulls images and product info from Amazon in just 1-Click.

No copy paste here just 1-Click

4. Create Voice-Over using Smart Text to Voice automatically

Select whether you want to use a Male or Female voice and select from 9 different languages and 18 different voiceovers

5. Can Automatically Upload For You

Azon Video Maker can automatically upload videos to Youtube, Vimeo and Dailymotion, daily.

6. Adds Video Effects, SEO Tags, Text Overlay & Almost Natural Voice to Each Video…

Add super cool elements to your videos and make them stand out

7. Inserts Amazon Affiliate Links into Your Uploaded Videos…

Automatically adds the affiliate link in descriptions of videos

8. Social Media Sharing

Outside of good backlinks created this software has the ability to share the videos to all major social media platforms

9. Content Spinner.

Has a content spinner for a more unique approach

10.  Affiliate Link Shortener

Automatically shortens your affiliate links for you

11. Comes with 500 Built in Web Fonts & Custom Colors…

Create unique and beautiful videos

12. Create 14 Amazon Sites in 14 Different Regions

Create videos from your region and other regions to earn income from them

13. Adds SEO Tags to Videos

Make videos more SEO friendly by adding tags to them

14. 1000+ Music Tracks to add to your videos

Add cool background music to videos

15. Comes with a  Library of Over 1 MILLION Images to Create Videos…

Download Azon Video Maker now!

Press play on the demo video below we posted to see it in action!

The Good

1. Affiliate videos made in minutes
2. Make money with ease
3. Auto post videos on your Youtube everyday
4. Newbie friendly
5. All Automated work
6. Includes Bonuses
7. Good support


Bad Points

None Found Great Product!


Tap into the new wave of getting traffic to offers and affiliate income building using the power of Amazon and VIDEO!

Get your own copy of Azon Video Maker here!

Azon Video Maker

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